Wednesday, December 05, 2012

How to Win the Spending War

The Tanned One and his sockpuppet New Jersey hack-pal will not read, (nor likely understand) this essay.  Too bad.  Quin Hillyer and Senator RoJo have already done the homework.

...Fiscal conservatives should cherry-pick all the least defensible spending items and package them with a great big (figurative) ribbon, with a full-court public relations press [...]. For the first set of savings, it ought to be relatively easy to find items whose elimination (or serious reduction) would not only cause no public backlash, but would actually be celebrated by clear majorities. Tens of billions of dollars of domestic discretionary spending probably meets this criterion.

Examples include:   ...Rain forest laboratories in the Farm Belt. Experiments involving shooting cats in the head to re-prove medical findings first announced in the 19th Century. All sorts of narrow-interest museums in decidedly odd places.

By the way, have you noticed that the Stupid Party keeps referring to "entitlement cuts"?  Please underline Stupid.

Why not start with "Indefensible Spending", or "Stupid Government Tricks"?  We all know that entitlement reforms are necessary, but not enjoyable.

However, the entire US population would RELISH a 100% cut in "Bridge to Nowhere" spending, and--for that matter--over-compensation of over-hired, unnecessary, redundant, Gummint employees.

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