Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Immelt's Heroes

Immelt, Crony Capitalist Friend-of-Obozo, admires the ChiComs because, after all, Statism 'works.'


...The mayor of the Chens’ village, Zhang Jian, who was responsible for Chen Guangcheng’s imprisonment, was reportedly enraged by the escape and sent a nighttime search party to raid the home of Chen’s brother, Chen Guangfu.  When Zhang’s men arrived, they began savagely beating the Chen family and ransacking the home.

...Chen Kegui was convicted and sentenced on Nov. 30 by the Yinan County People’s Court in Shandong province.  The Court found him guilty in a hastily-arranged afternoon trial from which his family was barred.  The trial was held without notifying Chen Kegui’s attorneys, who said they found out about it only after they started receiving calls about it from the media, according to Ding Xikui, one of Chen’s lawyers.

Of course, the guy could have created an anti-Muslim internet film that nobody watched. 

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