Monday, December 31, 2012

Those Damn Facts....

The NYPD released info on murders (2011 stats.)

...Blacks were 23% of the NYC population but 68% of the homicide victims; 38% of all victims were black males aged 16-37; 86% of black male victims aged 16-21 were shot.

On the other side, 59% of suspects were black. 83% of black suspects had a black victim.
Among all suspects, 34% were aged 16-21; 41% were aged 22-37.

And a stat I would like to know more about: 42% of suspects and 38% of victims had prior arrests for drug sales or possession. ...--quoted by JustOneMinute

Well, THAT is foundation for removing guns from middle-aged Americans whose drug-use is .......ahhh.....aspirin and Viagara, no?

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