Saturday, December 15, 2012

A Tax-Evasion Kerfuffle for SEIU?

You all recall that an SEIU organizer allegedly voted illegally in Wisconsin.


But there's a bit more to the story which is also quite serious.

....prosecutors appear to be investigating a tax discrepancy revealed by Haynes’ bank records. According to the SEIU, Clarence Haynes’ last day of work was May 5, 2011. He received two large payments in the weeks after May 5, totaling just over $75,000 as part of what prosecutors believe to be a severance package. But from January to May 2011, subpoenaed Bank of America records reveal Haynes received regular wages “of about $1,800 to $1,900 from SEIU directly deposited into his account.” At issue is the fact that Clarence Haynes’ 2011 W2 tax form subpoenaed from the SEIU shows $0 in wages earned by Haynes, perhaps suggesting that Haynes did not report the $75,000 payment or regular wages as taxable income.

It's more than that.  If SEIU paid the guy and did not report the payment on the W-2, that means that SEIU has some 'splainin' to do.  Especially when you consider the next line in the story:

 ...according to U.S. Department of Labor documents, Clarence S. Haynes earned a total package of $142,444.00 from the SEIU in 2011 as a Senior Organizer...

I'd love to hear the SEIU's story on this one.

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