Saturday, December 01, 2012

Heads Will Explode in Baby-Killer Camp

Suddenly, the Baby-Killer Camp will turn all "states' rights".  Just you watch.

Republican Senator Rand Paul says he wants to pass a Life at Conception Act to “end abortion on demand once and for all.”  

Senator Paul, R-KY, recently recorded a message for the National Pro-Life Alliance (NPLA), talking about the legislation, which would declare unborn babies legal persons from the moment of conception and give them Constitutional protections. 

The senator says Congress can legislatively overturn the Supreme Court‘s Roe v. Wade decision by passing a “personhood” law called the Life at Conception Act.

But the Baby-Killers will conveniently forget SCOTUS' asininity.

Justice Harry Blackmun wrote in the 1973 ruling that if a fetus can be defined as a person, the “right” to abortion “collapses, for the fetus’s right to life is then guaranteed specifically by the [14th] Amendment.”

Blackmun was a hack, but he opened the door.

Now there's a Senator with the courage to do what is right.  Far more than we can say for the alleged "conservatives" in the (R)-controlled House, eh?


Anonymous said...

So will a fetus be able to get a concealed carry permit? How about purchasing property?

Has personhood passed in any state yet?

Dad29 said...

Who cares about States? Not the tyrant, nor his horde of demons (like you).

Blackmun made it Federal, wrongly.

So it'll be Federal.

Anonymous said...

So you support a "wrong" ruling issued by the federal gummint--a decision that actually is left to the states as you claim under the 10th Amendment--to advance one of your agenda items?

No irony to see, here. Move along.

Dad29 said...

Oh, there's plenty of irony, and I admit it.

So go ahead: sue.