Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Another Effect of Citizens United

One must admit that the sympathy factor will be near zero.

...In what could be the biggest threat to their livelihood, Washington’s lobbyists are about to be challenged by the very same Super PACs that flooded millions of dollars into the 2016 presidential and Senate campaigns.

... Rules-constrained lobbyists, limited on how much they can spend on entertainment and campaign contributions, will soon face competition from Super PACs that can spend freely to lobby. Several are eyeing big-dollar, media-heavy campaigns on issues like taxes and spending to move public opinion, threatening K Street’s traditional approach of dispatching lobbyists to woo individual lawmakers with persuasion and donations....--AmSpec quoting Paul Bedard

That's why the K Street gang was so all-fired hot to void Citizens United. 

Having said that, the problem is Federalization of every damn thing in the country.  Lobbyists are a natural result of Federalization.

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