Thursday, December 27, 2012

Only TSA

There must be a "prove you're stupid" test to advance in TSA, right?

 ..the former TSA screener also rails against the federal agency’s more ridiculous policies, including the ban on snow globes

“The entire ban on snow globes was just another of the many intelligence-insulting rules that I was often forced to follow during my time at TSA. Imagine having to look, year after year, into the faces of innocent children and tell them and their parents that their Pretty-Princess-in-a-Blizzard snow globe has to go into the trash. “But why,” little Angie would ask, puppy dog pouting, tears trembling,” he writes....

I remember hearing about that particularly inane piece of jackassery.

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, because what are the odds of a snow globe bomb? About the same as a home invasion?

Buy. More. Snow Globes.