Monday, December 24, 2012

The "Let It Burn" Position

Instead of allowing The Tanned One to boehn the republic and himself with more self-negotiations away from principles, why not Let It Burn?

...The time to reduce the deficit is now, before a real fiscal crisis emerges, one that makes Greece look like a picnic.

By leaving town and letting America go over the fiscal cliff, Republicans don’t have to vote for tax hikes that they justly oppose. Economically counterproductive spending, like the unemployment benefit extension, will come to an end. And an enormous amount of irresponsible accounting gimmickry, like the annual wrangling over the Medicare “doc fix,” will end also....

...President Obama has insisted that he would be happy to go over the fiscal cliff in order to ensure that the wealthy pay more in taxes. The responsible thing for Republicans to do is to let him.

Of course, Boehner will blow this--but it's also required that Boehner pin the tail on the SCOAMF for 'the cliff.'

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