Saturday, September 22, 2012

Yup. Inflation!

Hold on to your hats.  Obozo and the DamnFool Congress are going to obliterate your savings.

Options traders are paying record prices to protect against swings in long-term U.S. Treasuries relative to stocks amid concern inflation will accelerate. 

...The Treasuries fund, which includes bonds maturing in 20 years or more, fell the most since July 2009 last week, while U.S. equities rallied after the Federal Reserve pledged to keep monetary policy accommodative even when the economy strengthens, increasing inflation concerns.

It's not bad--yet--at the consumer level.  But it will be.

One thing that's inflation-proof:  AMMO!!

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Billiam said...

Did you hear what Romney said about the Fed? It was on the part of the phone vid the Media, er, Propagandist goobersmoochers of the Administration are ignoring. BTW, ot, the m-4 is wonderfully accurate! I'm thinking about getting optical sights for it. Also, looking at a Crossbreed super tuck deluxe for cc when I'm ready to take the class.