Sunday, September 16, 2012

"There Is No Such Thing as Co-Incidence"--Jack Ryan

Although our President apparently thinks otherwise, 'Jack Ryan'--the spook and US President of the Clancy novels--knew that in foreign affairs, "co-incidence" does not exist.

By co-incidence, the anniversary of 9/11 produced Obscure-YouTube-Movie-inspired rioting and US citizen deaths in the Middle East.  (More accurately, "the movie" is Obama's explanation.  He's not able to connect the event with the Bush presidency, I guess).  Rioting and violence is also occurring, by co-incidence,  in Muslim areas of Africa.

Netanyahu of Israel is convinced that Iran will loose nukes on Israel (and perhaps other countries) in the near future.  This causes a concentration of Brit and US warships to materialize in the Straits of Hormuz.  By co-incidence, this will increase the price of crude oil in the next week--which will squeeze US and European economies with predictable negative results for those economies and their consumers.

By co-incidence, PRChinese are rioting against Japanese interests inside China and China is becoming aggressive over the Senkaku and Spratly Islands.

By co-incidence, that's on the other side of the world.  This will certainly test the US' capacity for two-front conflict, eh?

All this, by co-incidence, during an election year with a Defense sequester upcoming in January and with a very weak Presidency tottering toward defeat in November.

Oh,'s just co-incidence and "movies."

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