Saturday, September 08, 2012

Obozo's Venture Capitalist

Huh.  Seems like there are two sides to the "venture capital" story, eh?

He’s a venture capitalist whose company laid off hundreds of workers from Del Monte Foods in closing down a California plant, fired hundreds more from Birdseye Foods and even more from Solo Cups.

But the work of Obama campaign co-chair Federico Pena, a partner at Vestar Capital, actually saved other workers’ livelihoods, kept the companies in operation and, through those accomplishments, continues to generate tax revenue for the United States.

He's also remembered for the new Denver airport--the one that doesn't work.


Anonymous said...

"He's also remembered for the new Denver airport--the one that doesn't work".

Thanks for the 1997!!!

Let's forward to 2001...

and today...

Dad29 said...

Umnnhhh...speaking of propaganda, what does one expect from the current DIA manager?

Perhaps you'd like to address the job-losses from Pena's VC activity? Or would you prefer to keep the discussion on the minor topic?


Anonymous said...

Hey, YOU brought up the "minor" topic; otherwise, why did you even mention it? YOU opened yourself up to be properly corrected.

The other stuff you mention? Done all the time by (D) and (R) operatives, benefactors, and supporters. NOTHING is shocking anymore.

Besides, it's HIS right as a company owner in a capitalist society to lay off workers and close shops. He has a duty to the shareholders, right?

Dad29 said...

Absolutely correct!

Done ALL the time, by (D) and (R) folks.

Anonymous said...

Yep, and YOU still vote for those (R) folks! So much for "conservative" principles!