Thursday, September 06, 2012

Par for Obozo's Course, But Illegal

The question is whether Obozo will get fired before Boehner has the guts to act.

“In July, the Obama administration offered states more latitude in how they can run cash-assistance programs that replaced the welfare system after the 1996 overhaul passed by Congress and signed in to law by President Bill Clinton. … ‘It must be submitted to Congress and the comptroller general before taking effect,’ wrote Lynn H. Gibson, GAO’s general counsel, in a letter to the lawmakers on Tuesday.”  --quoted at Red State

He didn't build it but he's tearing it down. 

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Jim said...

I read the full text of the GAO's letter. It basically says:

HHS submits that its July 12 Information Memorandum is "guidance" and not a "rule". I disagree and find that the Memorandum IS a rule and must be submitted to both houses of Congress for review.

What we have here is a difference of opinion, and it may very well be that the GAO is correct. This may go to court, or HHS may submit the Memorandum to Congress. Congress does not "approve" the Memorandum but can pass a joint resolution to reject it.

So you had to give up on the "gutting" of Welfare Reform since that lie has been debunked many times over; you had to pivot to "he illegally bypassed Congress."

My guess is that HHS will submit the "rule" to Congress and the House will fail to get the Senate to join them in a joint resolution to reject it. The Republicans will look foolish and the Republican governors who requested the change are going to be pissed that they have to wait around for all this nonsense.