Tuesday, September 11, 2012

"1.5 Million Jobs Saved" Really? REALLY?

The Left-o-Gram of the month is that Obozo's highly-questionable takeover of GM and Chrysler 'saved 1.5 million jobs.'

What a steaming pile that really is.

...This preposterous figure is based on the assumption that if GM and Chrysler had gone into normal bankruptcy proceedings, the entire enterprise of automobile manufacturing in the United States would have collapsed — not only at GM and Chrysler but at Ford and foreign transplants such as Toyota and Honda. Not only that, the Democrats’ argument goes, but practically every parts maker, supplier, warehousing agency, and services firm dedicated to the car industry would have collapsed, too. In fact, it is unlikely that even GM or Chrysler would have stopped production during bankruptcy: The assembly lines would have continued rolling, interest and debt payments would have been cut, and — here’s the problem — union contracts would have been renegotiated.

Uh-huh.  The whole damn thing would have collapsed?

One name:  Ford.

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