Monday, September 17, 2012

After Review, Obozo Is STILL a Failure

Barone puts it simply:

....the continued rioting undermines, perhaps fatally, one of the underlying premises of Barack Obama’s 2008 campaign and of his campaign now for reelection: that electing this man president will make the peoples of the world love America and Americans. I make a similar point in my as yet unpublished Sunday Examiner column, which should be accessible here when it goes online. The rioters in Cairo expressly reviled Obama and hailed Osama. They hate America and Americans. They hate our way of life and our freedoms. Obama’s election has made no difference; his campaign bragging about dispatching Osama bin Laden has perhaps got them hating us more. One powerful argument for reelecting him is being refuted by what we see on our television screens.

IOW, "Mr. Foreign Policy" is just another Wizard of Oz.

Come to think of it, he's not even a wizard.


Jim said...

The rioters in Cairo numbered about 500. The population of Egypt is about 84,000,000.

Anonymous said...

And the rioters are not limited to Cairo. Maybe jim can name all the countries involved in the "protest over a video".

Dad29 said...

500 is relevant how?

Jim said...

500 is relevant how?

Exactly, Dad! It's .0006% of the population of the country. Not exactly a movement.

The number and names of the countries are not as relevant as the number (of lack of numbers) of people involved in the violence and protests in those countries.