Thursday, September 20, 2012

Maybe VanHollen Should Do THIS

Van Hollen has some silly ideas, like collecting DNA from people who are ....ah....charged....with a misdemeanor.  Not convicted, just charged.  Not a crime--a misdemeanor.

Obviously, Van Hollen needs something to do that's useful for the State rather than invasion of persons and privacy.

Here's a model:

[A.G.] Scott Pruitt of Oklahoma [is so] dedicated [...] to the principle of “federalism” – the vertical diffusion of power allowing the states on some subjects to limit the dangerous centralizing power of the federal government – that he has assigned a team of attorneys to a separate “office of federalism” devoted exclusively to fighting abuses by the feds. Within two months, his team was fighting expensive, overly burdensome, bureaucratic meddling with small community banks, without proper rulemaking authority, by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. Due to Pruitt’s efforts, the FDIC backed down.

He's also taking on ObozoCare with a new and different angle.  Read the linked story.

So, ya' think that ol' JB will abandon his Statism/Stasi inclinations for actual Conservatism?

Wanna bet?


jimspice said...

So when a (R) does it, it's "silly?"

Anonymous said...

Shut the fuck up, Spice.

Anonymous said...

I see anony 1:04 a.m. got home from the bar early to comment.