Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Who's Outsourcing Now?

Malkin objects to the "US workers" ......*stuff*......that Obozo claims.

...GM has increased its manufacturing capacity in China by an estimated 55 percent after the bailout, according to industry watchers. GM’s Dan Akerson crowed at the Beijing auto show earlier this year: “One of our aims is to help grow a new generation of automotive engineers, designers and leaders right here in China.”

If you don't like the concept of OnStar now, you might be unhappy to know that it now has a ChiCom flavor.

In Europe, the UAW’s appointee to the Government Motors Board of Directors, Steve Girsky, recklessly pushed the feds to hold onto GM’s failing German-based Opel AG.

Opel was the source of about $360+ million in losses in ONE QUARTER.

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Anonymous said...

American businesses, regardless if they received a government "bailout", were granted tax breaks, or took advantage of fewer regulations, have EVERY right, like it or not, to outsource. Capitalism at its finest, aina?