Friday, September 14, 2012

RoJo: Still Fighting ObozoCare

Unlike Paul Ryan, Ribble, and what's-his-TV-star from Up Nort' (see below), Senator Ron Johnson will not lay back and enjoy ObozoCare.  Nor will he let his constituents be assaulted by SCOAMF & Co without a fight.

...The mechanism for Johnson’s challenge is a Resolution of Disapproval, Senate Joint Resolution 48, a privileged motion authorized by the Congressional Review Act, which empowers Congress to undo regulations promulgated by the executive branch with a majority vote in both chambers, he said.
The IRS rule in question pivots on six characters in the law, said Michael Cannon, the director of Health Policy Studies at the Washington-based Cato Institute.

Cannon said the IRS put out the rule in 76 Federal Register 50934 dated Aug. 17, 2011: “a taxpayer is eligible for the credit … if … the taxpayer or a member of the taxpayer’s family enrolled in one or more qualified health plans through an Exchange established under section 1311 or 1321 of the Affordable Care Act.” [Emphasis added.]

The six characters: “or 1321,” are key because section 1321 spells out federally facilitated exchanges, but the actual language of the Affordable Care Act does not authorize federal subsidies or tax credits for participation in a 1321 exchange, he said.

So in effect, IRS re-wrote the law to accommodate SCOAMF's whims and wishes.

But IRS cannot re-write laws--at least, so far.

Hats off to RoJo, and shame on Paul Ryan, Ribble, and What's-His-Name from the TV show.


Billiam said...

I'm really going to have to hold my nose to vote for RomRy. I guess that's better than vomiting for Barakhma Ghandi though..

Anonymous said...

And in the process Billiam will compromise his conservative principles. Say NO to RomRy!

Jim said...

I challenge all here to read this article from Vanity Fair.

Dad29 said...

Got about halfway through before I couldn't take any more.

That was relevant to the

Jim said...

Figured you'd chicken out. It wasn't relevant to the topic. I just wanted to present it to your "community" and this seemed to be the best place since you have no open threads.

Why couldn't you take any more? Didn't fit with your belief he's a monster?

Dad29 said...


Just that I don't like reading fellatio.

Anonymous said...

Jim fellates Cub Scouts in public parks.

Anonymous said...

And the deranged anony (10:12 p.m.) is back again.