Saturday, September 08, 2012

Tammy's Not Ready for Prime Time

She's a Gummint-Lover and a party-line hack.  That's not "Wisconsin values."

...Early in her career in Washington, Baldwin refused to sponsor legislation that would have helped end the special treatment regulators give to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac – the two home mortgage giants that are privately run but overseen by Congress and given a federal credit line. At the same time Baldwin was refusing to sponsor reform legislation, another member of Congress from Wisconsin, Paul Ryan, was cosponsoring the reforms in the year 2000....

The list of egregious errors made by Fan/Fred is far too long to post.  Suffice it to say that any entity which employed Franklin Raines should not have been "more carefully regulated"; it should have been nuked.

But since Tammy is Gummint-Centric, she forced you to swallow the s*&t sandwich.


Tim Morrissey said...

Her speech was moved at the last minute from prime time to 5:40 PM, presumably because someone on the organizing committee finally saw her actually speak (on YouTube or whatever), and realized that while the premise of Tammy's speech - the "other" Wisconsin - was right in line with the goals of the Convention, that it would fall flat in the execution.

I've never understood the blind love so many people here in the People's Republic have for her. She's a very pleasant person, but in the years since she replaced Scott Klug in that seat, she's accomplished little, and is frequently rated in the lowest decile by the outfits that rank Congressional "performance".

I'm somewhat surprised that her people are running so many anti-Tommy ads in the Madison TV market. Don't know what the saturation is like in the Green Bay TV ADI (which includes all of the Fox Valley, where she really needs votes), but it would seem to me that if she carries one of the 72 counties, it will be Dane; and that the TV money would be better spent chipping away at the low-info voters in the Fox Valley, rather than making the True Believers in Dane County feel good about themselves.

Dad29 said...

Your observation 'blind love' was mentioned to me by a friend out in Madistan only 3 weeks ago. That friend was very concerned that Ms. Baldwin would succeed in her quest b/c "EVERYBODY LOVES Tammy!!"

Like you, I never cease to be amazed at the echo-chamber which is Madistan. Even more amazing? Four consecutive (R)/Conservative poundings: '08, then Walker (and the State Senate), then SCOWI, then Walker again this year--and they still don't get it.

Is there a force-field affecting only the minds out there? I know that bodies travel freely in and out of the town. Are minds entrapped, or disabled, somehow?

Tim Morrissey said...

This force-field is why the Mrs. and I live in a township sufficiently distant from the City of Madison (City of the Perpetually Offended) to be spared from the harmful rays. When I need to travel to an area within the city limits, I wear a baseball cap lined with tin foil.