Wednesday, September 05, 2012

What's the Agenda, Obozo?

An interesting question, indeed.

The easiest way to trip up a Democrat in Charlotte for the national convention is to ask him to answer this question: What is Obama’s vision for a second term? 

The placeholder answer, of course, is “creating an economy built to last.” But this talking point has, even to Democrats, begun to wear thin. It’s often repeated, but lacks definition.

“Nobody really knows what that means,” said Joe Trippi, a Democratic strategist who handled Jerry Brown’s gubernatorial campaign in 2010. So even though Obama’s reelection slogan is “Forward,” there’s not much talk—at least not yet—of what the country would move forward toward, or of the specific policies that Obama would enact to propel the nation up and out of the current low-wattage economic recovery.

It's called "meliorism"; it's been a staple of Lefty/Progressive yappaflappa for years.  (Thomas Jefferson was something of a meliorist, by the way.)

And it still doesn't mean s*&^.


Jim said...

And Rmoney's agenda is....?

Anonymous said...

Romney's agenda, like his tax returns, is none of your business.

Jim said...


Dad29 said...

Romney's agenda is identical to mine in at least one respect:


GOR said...

The agenda can be summed up as: “More of the same…” Or: “If you liked the last four years, you’ll love the next four…”

And for all those gullible Catholics who voted for him the last time, the agenda should be: “Fool me once…”

For those of us who weren’t fooled by the rhetoric: “We told you so…!”