Saturday, September 15, 2012

The Obozo Summary

This says it all:

Another downgrade of the US credit rating. More bad economic news on other fronts. Inflation growing. Oil and gasoline prices rising. And our embassies burning all over creation. By any rational standard, this is one of the worst weeks any president has ever had.

One hopes the country will survive until January's inauguration.


Jim said...

It might have been a really bad week for the president, but Romney managed to save him. On the other hand, circumstances give the electorate a chance to see a patient, cool, and sane foreign policy president already in office.

Dad29 said...

"Patient": Waits for results of 'credible warnings' to materialize as deaths of US citizens before blaming some obscure movie-maker.

"Cool": attends fundraisers and does interviews instead of spending valuable time with US allies discussing imminent threats in the Middle East.

"Sane": Ignoring daily intel briefs. After all, problems can drive you nuts.

Jim said...

Oh, I see you've fallen for the lie du jour on the daily intel briefs, which the president reads and asks questions about every day.