Thursday, May 03, 2012

Your VERY Nosy Car-Insurance Company

Interesting line of thinking here.

...This legislation — already passed by the Senate and likely to be passed by the House — will impose a legal requirement that all new cars made beginning with the 2015 models be fitted with so-called Event Data Recorders (EDRs). These are the “black boxes” you may have read about that store data about how you drive — including whether you wear a seat belt and how fast you drive — ostensibly for purposes of post-accident investigation.

OK, so?

...First, the EDRs could be — and almost certainly will be — tied into your vehicle’s GPS. (Most new and late model cars, conveniently, already have this, too.) Then data about your driving can be transmitted — as well as recorded. To whom? Your insurance company, of course.

Ever hear of a "two-edged" sword?’s really for the sake of revenue — the government’s and the insurance company’s. Your rates will be “adjusted” in real time, for every incident of “speeding” or not buckling up. It’ll be so much more efficient than using cops to issue tickets. After all, so many fishes escape! With an EDR in every car, no one will escape. Your “adjusted” premium will be waiting for you when you get home...

Wait, wait!  There's more!!

...EDRs tied into your car’s GPS will give them — the government and/or corporations — literal physical control over (hack) “your” vehicle. This is not conspiracy theorizing. It is technological fact. Current GM vehicles equipped with the same technology about to be mandated for every vehicle can be disabled remotely. Just turned off. All the OnStar operator has to do is send the appropriate command over the GPS to your car’s computer, which controls the engine....

Under the Constitution (as originally written), you do not have a "right to privacy," although there is a ban on Gummint-al 'search' activity not connected to a crime or suspicion thereof. 


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Saint Revolution said...

"...under the Constitution (as originally written), you do not have a "right to privacy," although there is a ban on Gummint-al 'search' activity not connected to a crime or suspicion thereof..."

Not correct.

Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness imputes privacy by definition since privacy is an endemic parameter of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness...

When taken as a whole "suite", The Declaration Of Independence, The Constitution, and The Bill Of Rights endemically impute privacy...of which this imputation concept cannot be interpretatively denied..."the privacy right" is "between the lines"...even from the beginning...known as "the spirit of the law" valid as the law itself...

The government simply ignores the law, The People, and The Will Of The People.

We live in and under a socialistic totalitarianistic oligarchy completely devoid of real republic principles in practice.

Sovereign immunity?! I mean, c'mon... An unbelievable oppressive concept of English law stowed away with the rats on the ships to The Americas. A concept, like most government concepts, completely devoid of any logic used simply for complete Orwellian 1984 oppression.

Fucking government pigshits.

A recent visit to Wal*Mart to purchase 9mm shells turned into the revelation that Wal*Mart simply cannot keep the prolific ammunition on the shelf. The clerk stated that any stock is usually sold within hours of arrival at the store.

The is not news to those reading any Dad29 postings Dad himself posts. Dad29 has been penning this fact for years.

GPS devices were being put covertly in new cars as far back as the very early 90s. GM started the practice...of course, with the backroom approval of Big Bastard Brother. When confronted, BePowers told us the devices were benign and deactivated.


Coupling unwanted GPS with unwanted black box.

Another TODO list item: update and/or learn auto mechanic skills to amend "personal" vehicles as necessary.

Do your research. Some states (i.e., Texas) will jail you for "amending" or removing these devices. My car, my taxes, my politicians, my fuzz, telling me what I can and cannot do.

Not this cat.

First in line at 7a at Wal*Mart any day the ammunition arrives.

Government can stop the bullshit but it just chooses to keep digging that deeper hole.

Government is going to get The Revolution they have coming AND been begging for...

They've been asking for it for decades.

9mms are very effective on those drones right above your head.

Don't tread on cocksuckers.

Fucking government, masons, and corporatocracy...all butt fuck buddies.

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