Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Left and Mad Dogs

We're seeing something that is very ugly.

It's from the Left--specifically, supporters of Obozo.

And it will not end well.

VanderSloot and Stevens--not to mention Buchanan, Limbaugh, Beck, and Riley--were just the beginning. 

Now we have the "SWAT" attacks against Conservative bloggers.

The mad dogs are loose, and they are funded very handsomely by "secret" sources.  Well, not TOO secret; Tides Foundation is named.  Soros is a suspect, to nobody's surprise.

And to nobody's surprise, neither Obozo nor his personal defense attorney (a/k/a the Attorney General) have uttered a peep about it.


Jim said...

So we can spread rumors and lies about Soros and Tides, but donors to Romney are off limits? Have I got that right?

Anonymous said...

Let me helo you out, Jim.

Thanks, Dad29, for linking to Jeffrey Lord. He has his own demons.

The former White House political director under Unky Ronnie, Lord was well-known for his work as a Republithug himself. The same "domestic terrorism" tactics he now demonizes were in vogue when he and fellow hatchetman Lee Atwater were running roughshod over people's reputations by "trolling for dirt" in the 1980's. He lacks ZERO credibility for "crying foul". Mad, frothing dog, indeed!

Jim said...

Wow! Thanks, Anonymous. That's a very illuminating article. Makes the clip of him on the O'Reilly show look like, well, typical O'Reilly rubbish and makes the so-called SWATting meme a fail.

Dad29 said...


Anonymous said...

Hey Dad,

Look at this performance by "Mike Best" in the peoples Republic of Illinois-stan......

Chicago Machine SUCKS

Mike Bost explosion: One of the best political rants you’ll ever see

Anonymous said...

"XYZ". That's all you got, Dad29? No smart alecky retort? Yeah, truth hurts about Lord, aina?

Dad29 said...

Nah. I was testing your comprehension skillz.

As far as I'm concerned, (R) jackasses are just as bad as (D) jackasses.

So feel free to rip all over VanderSloot.

I'll keep covering the other slimeballs.

Anonymous said...

Dad, This makes me cry.....sniff... Im so sad for the union.......

"What happens when a state no longer forces workers into a union?" They quit paying dues in Wisconsin!