Wednesday, May 02, 2012

President Coward

Big talk yesterday about 'choking off Al Quaeda (in just one tiny hellhole, not the other 50 they occupy).

Little limp-d*&^ today:

...The American agreement that sends Chen back from the U.S. Embassy is a craven capitulation to Chinese Communist thuggishness.  What should have been done? The United States ought to have demanded that China also provide safe haven for Chen's family and offered asylum to all of them within the United States. The Obama administration ought to have made clear that the fate of this family is of paramount importance, and that it will continue to highlight their situation...

Hides behind the crowds he incites.  Hides behind Team Six.


Jim said...

Actually the "limp-d*&^" are those who are not thoughtful and patient enough to allow diplomatic skills to work to bring about solutions to extremely complex issues.

Jim said...

Chirp, chirp.