Sunday, May 13, 2012

School's Out for the Summer--and Out for Barrett, Too

Gee.  It'll be a tough go for Mayor Milk-Carton.

....While some devoted kids will definitely file for absentee ballots, a great many won't be aware of the rule changes until it is far too late for them to vote. That will cost the Democrat dearly in counties like LaCrosse and Dane, not enough to flip either by a longshot but to make beating Walker's non-school non-city margin harder to top.

I currently project an 84,000 vote margin out of Dane for Barrett, and a nearly-identical one out of Milwaukee. Waukesha alone will nearly tie out Milwaukee, so Barrett and the Democrats need every last student vote they can get out of Dane and counties like LaCrosse, with no room for error.

The fat lady ain't sung yet, but she's doing arpeggios.

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