Saturday, May 26, 2012

The Real Chris Christie: Left of Romney (!!)

I'd heard rumbles about Christie before this, and it was clear that he is a blowhard (albeit sometimes a lot of fun to watch.)  But "blowhard" doesn't really cover it; Christie is a lefty RINO, left of JFK by a country mile, and perhaps even to the left of Diamond Jim Doyle.

Andy McCarthy puts a fork in him

Let's hope that Walker doesn't bring him back to Wisconsin.


Dan said...

Are you kidding, Christie would be a great campaigner for Walker. While Christie maybe a RINO, when it comes to campaigning and sound bites, Christie is the best and he would support Walker without bringing up Christie views.
Most people don't know Christie and many that do know him know him for the sound bites he is famous for.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, the old "the lesser than two evils" crap. Hate on Christie, even though he has statist tendencies, but love him because he is still better than the alternative. When will conservatives ever learn to simply say no and stick to their principles without compromising them?

Andy McCarthy. Oooh, all of Islam is out to get America. Head for the hills, this religion will overtake us if we aren't diligent? Dumba--.

James Pawlak said...

From the assurance of my study of history, Chritie's worst offense is his support of Muslims and Islam, an act of Treason.

Dad29 said...

Yah....Anony the Ignorant might like to look at the formerly-Christian territory called "Palestine."

Or Lebanon.

Anonymous said...

So, James, why don't you spearhead a movement to get rid of all "Muzzies" from our country if they are such a clear danger to our country? You know, just like what America did during WWII with the Japanese? How'd that history turn out in the end?

The only ignorance, Dad29, is your position. Demonizing and dehumanizing. Not surprising on your part.

Check it out...

"Our research indicates that one of the modern origins of this trend is the mutual demonization by Israelis and Arabs of each other to gain global support for each other's causes. This pattern includes the Arab media's ceaseless reference to the falsified document, the Protocols of Zion. The Coalition strongly urges Muslims and Arabs to refrain from demonizing Jews and stop blaming Jews for all of the world's problems. The Coalition also urges Israelis to stop demonizing Arabs and Muslims who peacefully advocate for the rights of Palestinians."

Dad29 said...

Who's talking about the Jews?

I said CATHOLICS--a/k/a "Christians."

Can't you read English?

Anonymous said...

You referred to Palestine. Jews, Christians, and Muslims live there. I'm sure you heard about it.

Moreover, James stated that supporting Muslims is an act of treason. I call bull----.

The main point is that some members of a faith demonize and dehumanize each other. You and James are included in that group. Apparently, you can't make inferences.

Dad29 said...

You DO have comprehension problems.

The reference to "Christians" was very specific. They've been exiting the Holy Land for 20 years--partly because of Muslim aggression, and partly because of Israeli challenges.

Anonymous said...

"FORMALLY-Christian territory called "Palestine."

"...been exiting the Holy Land for 20 years--partly because of Muslim aggression."

Now we're getting somewhere. Good for you, Dad29.

You are focusing on the Muzzies and da Joos and not giving Christians their due, who are also to blame for the problems in the Holy Land. Now, why? Because religious zealots are claiming this sacred land for themselves. Radical Muslims, Jews, and Christians are ALL TO BLAME. EQUALLY.

YOU and your boy James fall under that category. Note that neither of you have come out in support of the cause advocated by Telling, very telling.