Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Chicago "Co-Incidence"

The news story that the Chicago cop-shop raided an apartment and found bomb-making materials....

....well, the REST of the story surfaces today.  All 'co-incidence', of course.

A resident of the Chicago apartment raided by police in an alleged terror bust related to the city’s NATO summit is the spokeswoman for Occupy Chicago, WND has learned.

Zoe Sigman, a top leader of Chicago’s Occupy movement, claimed in a radio interview yesterday that she was “110 percent sure” the police trumped up claims of confiscating Molotov cocktail equipment in her home as part of a planned attack on President Obama’s Chicago headquarters and Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s home.

Yah, well.  Maybe the cops made it all up--and maybe they didn't.

Sigman conceded she was not present during the time of the police raid and claimed that she didn’t know the protesters she allowed to stay in her home.

 Ms Sigman also has memory problems.

Asked by Klein whether she was a member of Occupy, Sigman replied: “There are really no members of Occupy. I went to Occupy in the past.”

Sigman, however, is one of the most publicly identified Occupy Chicago leaders.

She is quoted in scores of recent news reports as Occupy Chicago’s spokeswoman.


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