Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Another Picture of ObozoNomics

See that red dot WAAAAY up there over the title-line?

That's what headline unemployment would be if the labor force participation rate were the same as when Obozo took office.  (Yes, that's adjusted for retirements.)

Boy, that Stimulus really, really, really worked well, ain'a?



J. Strupp said...

There was no "stimulus" of any significance. Only emergency aid to states, UI extensions and food stamps. This was considered necessary aid by both parties. There was a few billion bucks in there for roads and bridges, but nothing major.

The problem with that chart is the administration's wishful thinking when they drew it up. They assumed the private sector would bounce back sharply and it didn't as predicted by people who have been correct about this recession since the beginning.

Anonymous said...

The stimulus worked about as well as the Bush tax cuts in terms of "the rising tide lifts all boats" canard. Where's the Heritage Foundation chart that predicted those tax cuts would eliminate our national DEBT within 10 years??

As you might say, that really, really, really worked well, ain'a?