Saturday, May 19, 2012

The Usual Suspects, The Usual Silliness

...and I use "silliness" instead of a more appropriate term.

A few dozen academics at Marquette University signed a letter which displays their near-total lack of understanding of the Constitution. 

Not to mention their naive and mindless swallowing and regurgitation of the usual propaganda that a small reduction in Federal expenditures will lead to starvation of the poor and/or the end of health-care for the same folks.

Faculty-lounge dreams from their fathers, I guess.


Billiam said...

Amazing. Ryan's budget is not set in stone. If the cowardly dems, led by the talking cadaver from Nevada would do their Constitutional job, and submit a budget, then they'd be able to sit down with the congress, and maybe come to an agreement. Instead, they rely on the ignorance of their drones, and the help of the Goebbels Brigade, and flat out lie about the whole issue. Useful idiots indeed.

Adrienne said...

One of hubby's students brought a couple of issues of the Idaho Catholic Register when she had her lesson yesterday. Both issues were almost complete Marxist crapola. Both issues trashed Ryan, gave a completely biased opinion of "immigration", dumped on George Zimmerman, and insulted people who prefer the Latin Mass.

Therein lies the real problem. These statewide "Catholic" papers if they exist under Marxist bishop's like Michael Driscoll pull these sorts of articles from CNS or National Catholic Distorter and stick them in the Diocesan papers.

The Idaho (or any state) people read these rags because they also feature what happened at the latest pancake breakfast in some small town.

For these people it's the sole source of their Catholic teaching.

My rage-o-meter hit high after reading the articles and hubby is pushing for me to do a post. I just may (although posting negative church stuff makes me uncomfortable.)

Thanks for listening...

Beer, Bicycles and the VRWC said...

Notice that nowhere in the letter is any indication that anyone other than the Federal Government should take care of their fellow man. Are the poor, hungry and homeless too "dirty" for the Marquette faculty?

Dad29 said...

They accurately summarized the Principle of Subsidiarity.

But you're right, Deek--not only could THEY spend time working with the poor, but counties and States are intermediaries, as well.

Yes, they seem to think that only the Feds can "DO something." But that betrays their ignorance about the Constitution, and to a lesser degree their subtle 'shrug' at actually getting out of their ivory tower and getting dirty.

Adrienne--nobody actually believes the BS in any newspaper, "Catholic" or not.

Do you? Well, then, why do you think that the Montanans do?

O ye of little faith!!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, everyone, you're right, the 50+ professors probably never went on several Catholic missions to Africa or to Central America, or tutored at-risk students, or served regularly in soup kitchens or domestic abuse shelters, or served as consultants to local or state boards, or developed programs for special needs children--and worked with them!--or even directly assisted college students to spread the faith and instill the values of love, hope, and charity.

Perhaps it is YOU who should get out of YOUR ivory tower.

"For these people it's the sole source of their Catholic teaching."

The Bible is Marxist ideology, Adrienne???

Dad29 said...

OK, we'll no longer discuss whether the Professoriate engages in personal works of mercy. Most of them probably do.

So, Anony: you want to discuss the "Christianity" of enslaving the next 10 generations of Americans in debt based on some very ill-defined "need" for the Feds to be involved?

Because Christianity--most certainly Catholicism--doesn't seem to hold that an moral actor is within bounds by contracting debt which his progeny must pay.

Just answer that one.

Anonymous said...

It won't be long before Ryan is denied the sacrament of holy communion. Perhaps then he will understand the error of his ways.

Dad29 said...

Actually, you ignoramus, Ryan discussed his plan with Cdl. Dolan, who agreed (as Pres. of the USCC) to remain neutral on it.

IOW, the Cardinal, too, has serious moral concerns about the spend-and-borrow game.

Anonymous said...

The Stench of Marxist Jesuits in the Morning!

"You will know them by their fruits. Grapes are not gathered from thorn bushes nor figs from thistles, are they? Matthew 7:16

Read: The New Marxist Normal ( or Obama Normal or Liberal Democrat Normal):
Majority Of Unemployed Attended College

J. Strupp said...

Nothing in that letter is false. It's definately a politically motivated document (or propaganda if you want to call it that) but the fact is that Ryan's proposed budget does exactly what they say it does.

The issue I have with the letter is that don't see the point in fighting this battle. Ryan's budget proposal fantasyland as it is. Filled with impossible budget cuts, tax cuts and impossibly low unemployment projections. No serious person can look at this proposal and think it was relevant.

So, basicaly, this letter looks like a publicity stunt.