Thursday, May 17, 2012

Radioactive Obozo

Seems that Obozo can't find any friends this election season.

The United States Senate rejected President Obama’s 2013 budget yesterday by a unanimous vote of 99-0, bringing the nation one step closer to “Taxmageddon,” a $484 billion tax hike slated to begin on January 1st.

... It is not a coincidence that our nation has suffered from recurring debt limit and spending shutdown crises since Democrats in Congress have failed to produce a budget.

More and more it looks like 'a certainty' that Obozo will replace Jimmuh Carter as the most toxic US President in history.


Jim said...

Toxic? In what way was Jimmy Carter toxic?

BTW, the budget that was voted down had GOP poison pills inserted into it. Had it somehow passed, Obama himself would have vetoed it.

crises since Democrats in Congress have failed to produce a budget.

Republicans haven't passed a budget either, have they?

Anonymous said...


The Republican controlled house passed a budget on March 29th. Just like they did in 2011. The Democratic controlled Senate did not pass it's own version or call for reconciliation procedures on the house version.

Sorry but the facts are the facts.

Jim said...

It takes two Houses to pass a budget, A-non. That's a fact.

Anonymous said...

Actually no. Each house passes a budget. Either they are identical or they are reconciled and then that bill goes to the president.

The constitution is somewhat clear on this. All bills must pass "each house". Ergo, each house can "pass" any bill.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jim,

Here is a good video about the worst president ever and his pet project....hmmm....well other than killing unborn chillen....
Even worse than Jimmy Carter! Amazing as that statement may seem..

Jim said...

I feel like I've just been rick-rolled. What a stupid and dishonest video!

And I'd be happy to know the name of any unborn baby that either president has killed.