Wednesday, May 23, 2012

"Barrett's City" Policy: We Are the Lords; YOU Are the Serfs

In Tom Barrett's city, being right will cost you.

Few things can ruin your night in Milwaukee like returning to where you parked and finding a ticket.

[This is the result]...of a flaw in Milwaukee parking ticket policy.
That policy pushes parking checkers to write tickets the city is going to throw out anyway.

Ziolkowski's black Volkswagen was a big target for parking checkers in 2011, after its overnight parking permit was lost in the mail.

Parking checkers wrote her tickets 27 times over five months even though her car showed up on their computers as having a valid permit.

It's not a "flaw."  The policy was deliberately designed and implemented by Barrett's administration--and now the morons are DEFENDING it with the old "S*&^ happens" line.

What's the remedy?

The Victims of Barrett will spend up to SIX HOURS proving that the ticket was bogus.

Another alternative?  Just pay the ticket and STFU.

There is a third possibility, of course, but let's not discuss it here.

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