Monday, May 14, 2012

From 48 Viewers to 23: CNN

Slowly but surely eating their own seed corn.

So Bob Tyrrell, founder and editor-in chief of a magazine now 45 years on the American scene, selected in the 1970s by Time magazine as one of the rising stars in American media, recently interviewed on Sean Hannity's Fox and radio shows, and by Mark Levin, and with his recent talk on the book to the Manhattan Institute carried by C-SPAN -- is out at CNN.

Because in the course of the Great American Debate he has a book calling Barack Obama a "Stealth Socialist" -- based on an actual record in the White House. A record that manifests all manner of socialist behavior, from buying General Motors with taxpayer money, to dishing even more taxpayer bucks to favored companies like Solyndra -- and that's before one gets to Obamacare and the socialist saga of the imaginary Obama heroine named Julia, who is feted with cradle-to-grave socialism.
You can't make it up....

We note that the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel is having trouble with earnings (i.e., readership = ad revs) too.

Maybe they should go the CNN route. 

Oh, wait.....P-Mac's already gone!

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Anonymous said...

"Oh, wait.....P-Mac's already gone!"

Via a cushy gummint job under RoJo. Great benefits I hear. Oooh, the hypocrisy.