Thursday, May 03, 2012

"STFU" by Secret Service Whim

Video at the link; here's some text:

...Under this law the secret service members are able to discriminate against those people who carry signs which may offend, challenge, or dissent from the person's political views of whom they're protecting. It is one thing to make sure that the President or any person who has secret service protection isn't harmed in any way, shape, or form but to give the secret service agents carte blanche authority on what they perceive to be acceptable speech is absurd, an example of government overreach gone wild in the name of so-called safety, and clearly a violation of our civil liberty, namely our God-given right to free speech that isn't supposed to be able to be taken away by our government officials....

Of COURSE Congress passed it.  They expect to broaden the reach to include Congress-slime so they, too, will be "protected" from the rabble (a/k/a "citizens" or "voters".)

But there is no "ruling class."  Just remember that while you're in the gulag.


Al said...

Add this to the other law cCongress passed allowing the president to arrest domestic terrorists & confine them indefinitely & we have the makings of a modern version of Stalin's Soviet Union.

Anonymous said...

Brought to you by "compassionate" conservatives from Texas and their minions of corporate cronies.