Thursday, May 24, 2012

Get Outta Europe!!

Doesn't surprise any actual Conservative:

The Rasmussen polling organization is out with a shock poll that the entire Washington establishment needs to study: 51 percent of voters surveyed said they wanted all US troops out of Europe, now. Only 29 percent favored keeping the troops where they are...American Interest quoted at Vox

But the usual War Party Pubbies will be spinning furiously.  The War Party Democrats will (VERY quietly) agree with them, too.

After all, it's perfectly logical to defend the US in Czechoslovakia, right?


Anonymous said...

"After all, it's perfectly logical to defend the US in Czechoslovakia, right?"

Two years ago you were blathering how there ought to be an American presence in Poland and Eastern Europe--which includes the Czech Republic.

J. Strupp said...


Anonymous said...

Oops, indeed Strupp. And its gets even better...

It seems that your stance on "defending allies" blows with the political winds.

Obama cancels missile defense in Europe, you blow a gasket and claim he is weakening our allies by removing our presence. Obama (the implication is there) refuses to remove American troops from Europe, you blow a gasket and claim he is bankrupting our nation by keeping them there.

Care to explain?

Dad29 said...

Seems that you boys don't know the difference between missile-defense and 500,000 live troops.

Maybe my expectations were a little too high about Strupp.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, Dad29, you can't have it both ways. In each case, it is American intervention. Just because one method is preferred in your eyes, i.e. missile defense over live troops, your stance wreaks of hypocrisy. Either America is all in or all out. NO middle ground. At least that's what you've been shoveling.

Dan said...

I'm pretty sure that the hospitals and air bases in Europe have played a big role in Afghanistan and Iraq. While they are hospital workers, they are still considered to be troops.
Do we need the Marines? Nope. Green Berets? Nope. But the air bases and hospitals, I would support that.

Dad29 said...

MacArthur liked 'projection of power,' and that's something I can support--and have.

But "projection of power" does not necessarily mean 500,000 (or more) troops. MacArthur never saw drones, nor did he see laser-guided missiles.

Anony prefers to imagine my thought on the matter, rather than know it.

Anonymous said...

MacArthur would have supported the drones, the laser-guided missiles, AND the troops, that's how he rolled.

Hey, it was YOU who stated stay in Europe three years ago, then get out of Europe today, without now providing the context.

Regardless, ANY American presence in Europe is the antithesis of your isolationist bent, especially if our country is bankrupt and if the safety of Europe is NOT our responsibility, at least that is what your source Vox Popoli states. So don't blame me for your own ideological inconsistency that was exposed.