Thursday, April 19, 2012

Why RoJo's Under Attack by RINO Snake McConnell

Sen. RINO McDonnell, the Club-Member of the (R) (but not Conservative) persuasion, unleashed an attack on Sen. Ron Johnson the other day.

Wanna know why?

...Without a budget resolution to guide the topline spending numbers, the Senate Appropriations Committee has already begun markups on the 12 appropriations bills at the subcommittee level.

It goes without saying that Senate Republicans wouldn’t reward this behavior by voting for their approps bills – spending bills that fail to eliminate a single wasteful program or agency within the burgeoning government bureaucracy.  There is no way they would help grant Harry Reid superior leverage over their allies in the House like they did last year, right?


Of the 14 Republicans on the full committee, which includes Mitch McConnell, there is only one conservative.  That would be the most junior senator, Ron Johnson.  As CQ reports, Ron Johnson was the only no vote against the Transportation-HUD (subcommittee roster) and Commerce-Justice Science (subcommittee roster) approps bills – the first two spending bills considered yesterday.  Those bills are typically approved by voice vote, but Johnson forced a roll call recorded vote on the spending bills.

IOW, Ron Johnson is doing what he promised to do.


The word "snake" doesn't quite describe him adequately.

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