Sunday, April 29, 2012

The Reality of Conservatives

Luntz is a reliable pollster, so his definitions are far more accurate than the Lefty-held stereotype.

...Luntz believes polls are beginning to show that conservatives are less concerned about "large government, small citizens" theory than about practical measures to ensure increased accountability, so that whatever is spent on government will give demonstrable bang for the buck.

 ...Liberals are confusing Wall Street with Main Street.  Conservatives are more enamored of the free market than of abstract "capitalism," and would happily see some of the miscreants in the housing market scandal strung up by their thumbs (though they may disagree about who the miscreants are).

...most conservatives want to preserve [SocSec and Medicare], but believe they'll collapse altogether without reform.  Conservatives are also much more likely to believe that reforms based on individual choice and market competition will be broadly benign in their results

More at the link (HT Grim's gang.)

Naturally, the comments following Luntz' piece at the WaPo reflect the acute intellectual prowess of the Left (read them at the link).


Anonymous said...

Dad, did you see this good news!
The Obamacare Nullification Bill passed!

"Missouri House of Representatives bans 'Obamacare' — House bill aims to prosecute officials who attempt to enforce it."

Jim said...

So you don't believe in the constitution?

Beer, Bicycles and the VRWC said...

So, Jim...would you like to clarify?