Friday, April 13, 2012

Slave Labor? Close To It! And IT, Too!

Not really surprising.

Information Technology firm and high-tech industry powerhouse, Infosys, is being accused of bringing low-paid foreign wokers to the U.S. illegally, CBS News reported.

You've all heard that those H1-B's are smarter, faster, and better-trained, right?


...Palmer said at first, most came over on H-1B visas. These visas are for people with specialized talents or a level of technical ability that can't be found among American workers.

When asked if all the people had some special expertise that couldn't be found in the U.S., Palmer said, "Absolutely not. Not even close. Many of them is what we call freshers. People that would just come over, whoever they could get to come over. Whoever got accepted for a visa." 

"Many of the people brought in, in fact, didn't know what they were doing at all," Palmer said. "There was not a project or program that I was involved in that we did not remove somebody because they had no knowledge of what they were doing," he said.

Palmer says that Infosys' motive to bring in foreign workers was purely for profit. 

Palmer says the Indian workers on his team were paid substantially less than an American would have made in the same job.

When the U.S. State Department began to limit the number of H-1B visas, Palmer said Infosys began using another type of visa, the B-1. The B-1 is meant for employees who are traveling to consult with associates, attend training or a convention. But Palmer said the employees were brought in not for meetings, but for full-time jobs.

These are literally slaves.  They cannot leave Infosys without being forcibly ejected from the USA, so they cannot go to the next body-shop and increase their wages.

And of course, Infosys is billing out large dollars for these people--who are incompetent.

I'm sure that the US companies who are contracting with Infosys are diligently checking out the situation.



neomom said...

It ain't just infosys. Some are just better at splitting hairs than others.

Anonymous said...

A recruiter recently told me that they are instructed to advertise jobs, and then hire an Indian for much cheaper than a US worker.

Many Indians are doing low tech work, only because they work cheap.