Wednesday, April 04, 2012

It's Not the Earmark. It's the Logrolling!

The slime continues to ooze.

Republican Representative Steven LaTourette, an 18-year House veteran, said the earmark ban “has affected discipline” within the party. “You can’t get 218 votes (out of 242 Republican House members) and part of that has to be if you can’t give people anything (earmarks), you can’t take anything away from them.”
If a member of Congress agrees with 90 percent of a pending bill but is “uncomfortable” with the other 10 percent, “Sometimes taking care of your district (with earmarks) made up for that 10 percent,” he said.  --RedStates quoting Reuters

Oh, goodie!!  Here's the plain-language version of that crap:

It’s not about the $500,000 earmark.  It’s about the $500,000 earmark that is used to buy off a conservative vote for a $1 trillion omnibus or some other terrible transformational legislation.

We sent this slime to Congress.  It's time to apply a lot of bleach.  Direct-spray is a good method,.

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