Sunday, April 22, 2012

Ratzinger on "Social Justice"

Here's the REAL word on 'social justice.'

Political moralism, as we have lived it and are still living it, does not open the way to regeneration, and even. . .blocks it. The same is true, consequently, also for a Christianity and a theology that reduces the heart of Jesus' message, the ‘kingdom of God,’ to the ‘values of the kingdom,’ identifying these values with the great key words of political moralism, and proclaiming them, at the same time, as a synthesis of the religions.”--Benedict XVI

There are implications which we see played out today:

If we pursue this a bit, it looks as if for those formed by secularism anything from outside of our situation, like revelation and what can be drawn from revelation, is to be covered over or completely denied. This strand of thinking goes all the way back to Spinoza and during the radical Enlightenment Voltaire himself advocated that man simply work things out with his own (very truncated form of) reason in a kind of “top-down deist reformism” (Jonathan Israel).

But evidently at the same time Voltaire foresaw a residual elite because: “Enlightenment is not for the majority.” The elite had replaced revelation. In contemporary terms, the elite identify the kingdom values that they judge suitable for the people.

Ahhh, the "cognoscenti"!  Can you say "Ruling Class", as did Prof. Codevilla?


Anonymous said...

Those catholic Bishops have an interesting take on Ryan's budget, no?

Dad29 said...

We note that Cdl. Dolan had no significant objections to Ryan's plan.

Some Bishops--who do NOT understand the nature of this Republic, have problems with it.

They need a bit more work on ConLaw, and they're getting it now, from the Obozo Regime.