Tuesday, April 17, 2012

RoJo, GM, The Titanic. Get the Connection?

Sen Ron Johnson of Wisconsin is actually doing what he said he'd do:  raising Hell in the Clubroom.

Maybe it's not a coincidence that he started the trouble just before the 100th anniversary of the Titanic's demise.

...Senate Republican Leadership staffers are now attacking Johnson either on behalf of leadership or because Senate GOP Leadership has lost control of their staff. Either way it’s bad, and Senators must be wondering about McConnell’s leadership skills.

After the leadership fight, instead of backing down, Johnson has voiced his displeasure with the lack of a coherent conservative strategy from McConnell’s office.

In typical fashion though, rather than taking Johnson’s advice and developing a conservative strategy, Leadership retaliated last week with a cowardly hit piece on Johnson. The article contained quotes from a “senior GOP aide.” The aide was too gutless to be named, but my Hill sources say it is likely someone from McConnell’s office.

Look folks:  this is not hard.  The United States is on the same glidepath taken by the Titanic and General Motors.  The Clubroom management, having been insulated and isolated in its own little world for years, ignores the red-screen of the radar--or of the balance-sheet and income statements, and proceeds, full speed ahead.

Politics-as-usual, which usually means talking a lot and doing nothing substantive, is no longer an option.  There is no Bailout Daddy for the Federal Government as was the case for GM.

There is only the cold, deep, ocean.


Anonymous said...

RINO hunting season is in.

We got Rid of Jean Schmidt in Ohio.
Who is next?

Lets hope "Orin" is the next to go.


Anonymous said...

Vote for Eric Hovde. He's cut from the same cloth as RoJo.

SwallowPoint said...

My comment vanished. Before I write more lets see if it is possible--------

SwallowPoint said...

Dear Dad29,

My personal political views are that of an old time Republican--a Robert Taft Republican and therefore I agree with much you write about. But this is the first time I have read your site and I see you have been blogging quite awhile. Yet unless I missed it--YOU REMAIN ANONYMOUS--Dad29? Why is that?

Eric Westhagen

neomom said...

McConnell is a weasle. He embodies everything wrong with the Republicans and has been for quite some time.