Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Lies, Damned Lies, and Democrats

As usual, the Democrats want to raise taxes.  And as usual, the MFM covers it up.

The two leading Democrat candidates for governor in the looming recall election have come out in favor massive tax increases and the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel seems bent on framing that in an uncritical and positive light. Tom Barrett and Kathleen Falk, both local government executives, have unveiled similar plans to repeal tax cuts approved by Walker during the first year and a half of his administration. Reporting on the tax hike proposals, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel used opaque and arcane language saying the two Democrats were proposing to “roll back some tax decreases.”


Marty Kaiser asked if his reader(s) wanted to participate in an online survey about the JS.  

Why would anyone waste the time?


Mr. Tastic said...

Quite frankly, I'm glad they've added the paywall.

I now get my news elsewhere and I'm totally kosher with it.

Anonymous said...

Nobody in the middle class saw a tax decrease. So why the angst? Fock those corporate chieftains and the ponies they rode in on.

BTW who reads the MJS beside elite exurbanites?