Saturday, April 28, 2012

ObozoCare for the Internet

A very simple explanation of "Net Neutrality".  The comparison to ObozoCare will be obvious.

Net Neutrality covers a range of regulatory proposals designed to force Internet service providers (ISPs) to treat all web traffic as equal, instead of selling precious bandwidth at varying price and performance levels. The key word is “force.” Massive new regulatory powers would be needed to impose Net Neutrality on companies that currently labor under the delusion that they own the infrastructure they have created, and can therefore rent it out as they see fit.

Or you could think of it this way:  you're going to buy a car, and when you get to the dealership you find that the Escalade is priced exactly the same as the KIA, because the Socialist Statist Mob decided it will be so.

Think the Escalade is going to remain a high-end offering for long?


Jim said...

I think the comparison is wrong.

You can buy whatever car and accessories you want for the price you can afford. But everyone pays the same price for the road.

Dad29 said...

Fantasyland, Jimbo.

Fuel taxes pay for the roads; the Escalade pays MORE than the KIA.

Grow up and get real.

Jim said...

Depends on the driving habits of the owner. Also, I imagine there are cheaper cars than an Escalade getting worse mileage.