Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Obama Delenda Est

Moving on.

Obama delenda est.

Marxism hasn't worked anyplace it's been tried, and it won't work here.  


Anonymous said...

Ceterum censeo Obama esse delendam

The fact is, we must pray for the salvation of the enemies.

This does not mean that they are not our enemies, nor that they must not be – God willing – crushed. Alas, the good-ism stinking of cheap incense forgets it all too often.

Therefore A Prayer Against Persecutors and Evil-Doers:

Hostium nostrorum, quaesumus, Domine, elide superbiam: et eorum contumaciam dexterae tuae virtute prosterne. Per Dominum.

Anonymous said...

El nusto is thoso believum that Obama equatos le Anti-Christ.

Anonymous said...

Have you ever thought of selling T-shirts like these on the side?


Anonymous said...

Dad29 = Videri quam esse