Monday, April 30, 2012

The Buffoonery of the WSJournal

Now and then the WSJ Editorial Boyzzzz demonstrate that they just love Big Gummint.

(They're part of the Ruling Class, you know.)

Ticker wastes no time destroying them:

....This strange alliance has developed in response to one of Congress's rare bipartisan achievements—the 2012 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). That bill affirmed the long-standing distinction between civilian justice and the rules of war by letting the President detain terrorists (including U.S. citizens) captured anywhere and question them as long as necessary. A President can decide to try them in either military or civilian courts, and the right of habeas corpus to challenge detention in court, established by the Supreme Court's 2004 Hamdi decision, is unchanged.

...A tea party outfit called the Tenth Amendment Center calls the law "an unconstitutional and dangerous federal power grab"—though the statute merely codifies existing practice under Presidents Bush and Obama.   --Ticker quoting the Morons

Next they'll call that a "long-standing tradition" or some such bullsh*t.

You all thought that the Fourth Amendment was in force here, hey?


...First you arrest them, then you try them, and only after finding them guilty beyond a reasonable doubt do you execute them.

The ACLU and Tea Party, along with Libertarians, are not uninformed about the faux "war on terror." 
There is in fact no such war.

War is a declared thing.  Congress has not declared war.

Besides, Obozo's State Department has told us that the War on Terror is "over."

There's a reason the Constitution has the provisions it has regarding war, regarding habeus corups, regarding civil rights.  There's a reason we originally had 10 Amendments to the Constitution passed with it; they're an inviolate part of the whole. 

If the WSJ (or anyone else) believe that the Constitution needs to be "updated" to deal with a "more modern" warfare paradigm, then let's see an attempt to amend it.  Propose the amendment, pass it in the Congress, ratify it in the States.

Go ahead.  Make our day!

This is nothing more than Milhouse DC protecting itself from "enemies"--who happen to be more numerous every day.

Buy.  More.  Ammo.


Jim said...

War is a declared thing. Congress has not declared war.

Assuming you agree with this, how did you feel about the AUMF of 2001?

Jim said...

Obozo's State Department has told us that the War on Terror is "over."

No it hasn't. One person made a comment.

Buy. More. Ammo.

What does this mean?

Anonymous said...

Perhaps only a Busho State Dept rep who pushed the GWOT in '01 is entitled to tell us the party's over...?

Even Brookfield heretics recognize the GWOT ended when our CinC pulled the trigger on OBL that the Busho clique failed to act on. GW got Saddam....that's all he ever wanted.

Dad29 said...

Another Democrat history fail.

Clinton refused---twice--to nail OBL. Bush didn't get that chance.

Jim said...

Bush didn't get that chance.

False history. Bush did get that chance. He let Rumsfeld make the call. Rumsfeld said, "No."