Friday, April 27, 2012

Gummint: What's It Good For?

Nothing like a modified rock-n-roll line as a title....

Here's Robby George's short-and-sweet take on Gummint:

What are the obligations and purposes of law and government?

(1) To protect (a) public health, (b) safety, and (c) morals, and (2) to advance the general welfare -- including, preeminently, protecting people’s fundamental rights and basic liberties.

Wouldn’t this require the granting of vast and sweeping powers to public authority?

No; the general welfare -- the common good -- requires that government be limited.

You distinguish between government’s primary and subsidiary roles. What are the government’s primary responsibilities?

Government’s responsibility is primary when the questions involve (1) defending the nation from attack and subversion, (2) protecting people from physical assaults and various other forms of depredation, and (3) maintaining public order.

That comes in the middle of a discussion of Paul Ryan's Budget of Subsidiarity.

Some Catholics (and they ought to know better) screech hysterically that the Subsidiarity Budget is evil, depraved, an assault on women/children/elderly/transgenders/blacks/Hispanics/.........(ad nauseam).

.......while they studiously ignore (moral culpability is in play here) the Obozo Contraception Mandate, which is the natural end of their fatally-flawed concept of "Gummint."

The Founders wrote the 9th and 10th Amendments for a reason.  They came to the same conclusion as had the Church, which tells you that 'subsidiarity' is good governance, not "Catholic" governance.

Fr Reese (who was removed from his slot at America magazine for a reason) and his ragtag band of dissenter/followers, including the Cancer of Marquette Maguire, should take a 40-day Ignatian retreat devoted to the study of subsidiarity.

Then they can apologize.

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Jim said...

So much for freedom of religion.