Sunday, April 29, 2012

Solidarity AND Subsidiarity

Ryan's Subsidiarity Budget was not constructed without notice of solidarity.

...Adapting themes from John Paul II in the 2003 apostolic letter Ecclesia in Europa [The Church in Europe] and Benedict XVI in his 2011 address to the German Bundestag, Paul Ryan has carefully measured history’s verdict in Europe. The massive and increasing space that national governments and Brussels occupy in European public life has further constricted the already-sclerotic associational and philanthropic instincts of Europeans. And the decay of those instincts has helped erode the political culture that makes rational democratic decision-making possible (cf. Greece; Italy; etc.)....

The Usual Suspects at Marquette, G'town, and within the USCC are very good at proof-texting various Papal documents and semi-calumny, but not so good at applying reason and prudence

But we knew that already, right?

Of particular interest is this Objection of the Faculty:

Pell Grant funding

....which--for some obscure reason--college professors find "inadequate" in Ryan's plan.

(P.S.:  Terry has found recommended reading for the G'town folks right there in the Compendium which they recommend to Cong. Ryan.)

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like the catholic Bishops are going to revoke Ryan's sacrament rites over his insensitive budget proposals. He can get in line behind John Kerry and the rest of the heretics.