Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Bob Lutz, Moron

Lutz is a very smart car-guy.

The smarts end there.

“If I were emperor of the United States, I would raise the fuel tax in the United States by 25 cents a gallon per year,” said Lutz during a panel discussion on energy independence co-sponsored by the Hudson Institute.

... Lutz claimed an annual tax hike on fuel would create predictability in the auto market and consumers would be more inclined to buy electric cars.

He also called the 18 cents per gallon federal tax on fuel, “ridiculous,” because 18 cents a gallon is in his view too low, and lamented the political risk in the U.S. of advocating for higher taxes on fuel.

“In the states, the political process is such that we can’t use the market mechanism of fuel price to drive demand for these alternative fuel vehicles. So we leave taxation where it is, and then we have to find a somewhat artificial means to incent customers to look at these [electric] vehicles,” he said.

Those damn States and that damnable 10th Amendment.  Who needs that, anyway?

No reporter has looked in Lutz' garage to determine if he drives ONLY Volts, by the way.   That might make interesting television, no?

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