Thursday, June 30, 2011

RoJo: Obama Will Cut SocSec and Military Pay for "Debt Crisis"

Sykes interviewed Senator Ron Johnson who advises that Obozo will shut off Social Security payments and military pay to leverage the debt-ceiling upward.

Same game Obozo played with the "Government Shutdown" earlier this year: he'd cut off pay to the military.

Simply adds to the pile of evidence that Obama's strategic goal is to create enough chaos that the entire country collapses.


steveegg said...

Real effing smart - piss off the guys and gals with the guns and the seasoned ones who vote in larger numbers than everybody else.

I guess, if this comes to pass, Obama is serious about being a 1-term President (the "great" part of that statement...not so much).

J. Strupp said...

....says Johnson. Sounds like B.S.

That won't be enough anyway. He'll need to cut more than that in order to stay under the debt ceiling.

Dad29 said...

Struppster, Obozo already threatened to cut off military pay, during the "shutdown" fight.

Pattern of practice, my man.

Anonymous said...

He did not threaten, he did. All active military personnel got caught a week short during that fight. Personally I think that we should have a constitutional amendment that says that for every day the military does not get paid, congress forfeits a months pay.

They made up for it in the next check. Of course all the late fees paid by soldiers living paycheck to paycheck were just "too bad, so sad" to the liberal wienies.