Thursday, June 30, 2011

Good News! AK to "Drill, Baby!!"

Binversie HACKBARTH reports:

While the state has no control over drilling in ANWR, it does own the three miles of Arctic Ocean just off the coast—after those three miles, the federal government owns the waters. Officials say it stands to reason that that three-mile ribbon likely cuts through the vast oil deposits believed to lie beneath ANWR and the Arctic Ocean. Alaskan officials and oil companies hope that by drilling in that strip, they can tap into up to a dozen giant oil pools that would otherwise be off-limits.

Oh, yah, there will be lawsuits. Screw 'em.


Kevin said...

Think you meant Hackbarth there. He's the one at the Chamber.

I've got reach, but I ain't that good.

Display Name said...
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