Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Proxy-War of "Prosser v. Bradley"

Althouse is on the ball here and her commentary is very specific.

I'm linking to the publication of the article in the Wisconsin State Journal, because it seems to be the original version of what Lueders wrote. The version that now appears at the Wisconsin Center for Investigative Journalism has been — according to a note in red at the top, time-stamped 10:15 p.m. — "updated to reflect reports of a statement from Prosser denying the allegations." But "updated" does not mean that there is an update at the bottom of the original text, adding new material or noting mistakes. The article has been rewritten, so the flaws that I am going to write about here can no longer be detected.

IOW, it's not really "journalism"; it's full-bore propaganda.

...The Journal Sentinel then cites "another source" that said "that Bradley attacked Prosser." Here we get the first allegation that Bradely "charged him with fists raised" and that Prosser "put his hands in a defensive posture," blocking her, resulting in hand-neck contact.

Which, sources note, was NOT 'strangling'; it was merely a defensive 'blocking' which stopped the Mini-Me attack-dog.

Now Althouse has hit the gold-vein in the mine:

...That is, 2 of Lueders's sources could have been the sources who gave the fuller context, with Bradley as the aggressor. What did Lueders know and when did he know it? Did Lueders have the fists-of-fury version of the story and deliberately leave it out?

Althouse does not mention that Lueders & Co. are a Soros project.

The Left lost in November and lost again in April. Only when you understand that they are using propaganda and half-truth to continue their attack on Conservatism will you understand that the Left is AT WAR, and will escalate from rude behavior (the drumcircle crap) to whatever it takes, including character assassinations, death threats, property-destruction, and physical violence. IOW, Bradley is now at the 'physical violence' end of the war-cycle, having failed to eliminate Prosser through threats and prior character-assassination.

Alinsky: "The third rule of ethics of means and ends is that in war the end justifies almost any means"

They take that very seriously. So should we.


neomom said...

This has gone national now... And the burning question is why didn't Bradley press charges when "it" happened?

jimspice said...

I'd love to hear your run down of how WCFIJ is a "Soros project." I've looked into it, but would like to hear your take. Shouldn't be too hard; it and the organization to which you allude, I think, make public all sources of funding, unlike some spin tanks I can think of.

Dad29 said...

Not hard to find, Jim.

In THIS post, we noted Soros' involvement:

With this quote:

Wisconsin Center for Investigative Journalism, which was working in cooperation with Wisconsin Public Radio. The Center recently unveiled a project, funded by the Open Society Institute, to "shine a light into the operations of Wisconsin's government." It hired Bill Lueders, a longtime news editor and columnist for Isthmus, an alternative newspaper based in Madison, to run the project.

Lueders shredded his journalistic 'cred' in running his half-story, as Althouse demonstrated.

Too bad. He wasn't all bad before he took the money.

Dan said...

Umm, dad29, Leuders was horrible when he wrote at the Isthmus and what other crap paper he wrote for.
This is going to be the liberal nightmare. If Prosser did this, he should resign and Walker gets to name an even more conservative. If Bradley/Abrahamson lied, then they need to resign and if not, impreached. And Walker gets to name the replacement.
Bradley can be recalled now. Prosser, not until next August, i believe.

Display Name said...

Gosh, Dad29. MAPlight sounds positively insidious, doesn't it?

"MAPLight’s engineers have built a website,, that for the first time combines three databases of information – campaign contributions, legislative votes, and interest group support and opposition – revealing the intersection between money and votes in the Wisconsin Legislature. The site allows users – the public and journalists alike – to customize their searches and download the data."

Anonymous said...

The story is gone from the front page and news list for both Journal Sentinel and Journal Times. They both had it top story all weekend and into this morning and now nothing at all. Weird.

Dad29 said...

There's a reason it's gone.

The MSM is very, very, nervous about the story's integrity.

Sometimes, j-school fundamentals just sorta pop out.

Display Name said...

Dad29, you can channel the spirit and intentions of the Main Stream Media? How do your voices explain the mainstream media outlets who have carried the story?

Anonymous said...

Dad will defend a man's right to choke a woman, and buy more ammo just in case.