Friday, June 24, 2011

If You're a Contrarian.....

Immediately below we mention Fed accounting tricks which carry risk. Elsewhere, Greece, Ireland, Spain, Portugal, and Italy are in deep doodoo; European mega-banks are sweating blood over the remedy, if there is one. Gold holds pretty high, oil ain't cheap. Big-Spend Marxists are temporarily in control of the US Gummint, new unemployment claims remain at 400K++/week, and we have a luftpausen in the US economy.

So. Time to buy the cabin Up Nort', dig a well, and stockpile firewood, ammo, and MREs?

Not if you're a contrarian.

Durables, computers, and software are going the right direction.

HT: Ticker


J. Strupp said...


How's that 10 year Dadster? How about NYMEX? Gas prices? The commodity indexes?

Being a headline CPI guy, I'm sure you're EXTREMELY concerned about the deflationary pressures in the market right now. Surely Ticker is worried as well.

Let this be lesson number 5,000,000 that headline CPI is a horrible indicator of long run inflation.

Dad29 said...

Wanna compare "gas prices" to Obozo-Inauguration Day, Strupp?

Or food?

Didn't think so.

J. Strupp said...

Huh? You really wanna compare inflation now vs. 2008? I don't think you do.

neomom said...

I dunno - a few of us that haven't seen their income rise since 2008 but are paying a boatload more for electric/gas/food and friggin' taxes sure would like to see some "deflationary pressure".

Anonymous said...

Well, Neomom, the business that you work for could increase your wages and health care benefits, but why should it? That would certainly provide relief.

Dad29 said...

the business that you work for could increase your wages and health care benefits

And you know this with

neomom said...

The company I work for will lose about $125M this year. I'm grateful to be employed but won't be holding my breath for any increase in salary or bennies.